About Us

We are a small family owned business in Redmond, OR. We began our business in January 2020. Many years ago when the kids were little Kim attended a mom's group at our church where she learned about candle making. In 2018 Kim was introduced to soy candles and the importance of clean fragrances. At this time Kim had started up wood working again now that the kids were older she could devote more time to the craft. Kim began to see the benefits of burning clean fragranced soy candles and began to make her own, she loved creating and mixing scents. It wasn't long and the rest of the family was on board and the candle business took off and the wood working was set aside. Ken also does wood working, DIY and home improvement projects in his spare time and the kids have done crafts and DIY projects also over the years. Kim has always been very crafty throughout the years and always willing to try new things. This craft has become a whole family project from helping to create names for the different candles to test burning and smelling different scents and combinations to attending vendor markets and selling the products. We love what we do and love to share it with you.