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Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

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Our customers love these car diffusers. We found they’re great in other small spaces also! Try putting one in a laundry room, bathroom, office or closet. They can last approximately 3 months, some customers can get them to last longer.  It depends on how much and how often you tip them to get the fragrance oil on the cap.


To use all you do is unscrew the wooden cap, remove the plastic plug, replace the wooden cap and tip to get the oils onto the wooden cap. Plastic plug should be replaced each time after tipping to get oils onto wooden lid.


Wipe up any spills immediately! The oils are highly concentrated and can cause damage to plastics, we recommend using the chain that is provided with your diffuser to help keep the oils from getting onto what it's hanging from since the oils will travel up the string that goes through the wooden cap. We also recommend replacing the plastic plug each time after tipping to freshening the wooden cap with oils. If hanging in a car, the bottle can sway as your driving and the oils could get onto the wooden cap causing it to release excess scent and making it too strong. By purchasing this product you are releasing TFWCC from any liability or damages.

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