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Room + Linen Spray

Room + Linen Spray

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Our newly reformulated Room + Linen Spray contains non-toxic phthalate free fragrance oils, distilled water, witch hazel and polysobate 80.  This new mix will give a fine mist when sprayed.  It will only take about 4-6 sprays to leave a powerful long lasting aroma in any room.


  • 4 oz aluminum spray bottle.
  • The perfect way to quickly freshen any space.
  • The scent will linger for a few hours depending on how much is sprayed.



  • gently shake bottle before use
  • Apply 4-6 Sprays or as desired
  • Spray 10-12 inches away


  • Spray product away from face and eyes
  • keep away from children and pets
  • Patch test before use
  • Do not spray on wooden surfaces
  • Keep away from Heat and Flames
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